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Opening hours:

Open for mid-morning breakfast through late afternoon five days of the week.


Closed Mondays and Fridays (except by arrangement)

DB's Best Eats

Parmesan & Herb encrusted Chicken Schnitzel

Battered Flathead Fillets

Four Cheese Arancini served with Aioli

Beer Battered Fries

King Island Beef and Gravy Pie

Chicken and Vegetable Pie

Buffalo Wings

Tempura Nuggets

Salt & Pepper Calamari


(occasionally:  pizza)


(crisps & ice creams @ the bar)


Seasonal see special boards


toasties & sandwiches

homemade organic soups served with toasties

Coffee & tea:  of course


Special Drinks

Aside from the usual from our well-stocked

low low priced bar,



Black Russian

Ginger Balls



Espresso Martini


Fireball (cinnamon whisky), and its cousin, Sheep Dog

(peanut butter whisky)

Cowgirl (butterscotch & Irish cream)

Bowlo Ragazza (Cinzano with sugar-free pink lemonade),

and its brother,

Bowlo Ragazzo (Cinzano with soda, lemon & an olive)

        and more ...​


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