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Club Bowls

Club Bowling Days

Our club bowling days for members are Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  ​

  • Wednesday games begin at 12pm

  • Thursday games begin at 10:30am

  • Saturday games begin at 10am (after April 3, games will begin at noon)

  • The greens are available for roll-ups on Wednesday through Sunday

Ring the club anytime before 11am on the day for Wed games, anytime before 9:30 for Thursday and Saturday games (02 9337-4060).  You can ring as much in advance as you like, and leave your name on the answer machine.  Or you can drop in at the Club and sign up on the list for a game on the day you want.

Every bowling day is for both women and men.​



Are always welcome and we can furnish you with bowls, if you want.


We offer free coaching to new members, and we'll provide you with equipment until you decide what you'd like to get for yourself. 

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